Yo, what's gonna guys in a jerk she connected a winter video. Today we have final edition, Derek Johnson as well as Alan Robinson, witches then long-awaited, but let's. Take a look at Cody Glenn, the first card in the set 91 overall that tackle going for eighteen thousand coins.

89 run luck. 90 impact 96 pass block in 897 strength. What 72 speed in 84 acceleration rombach and a peck blocking could be better strength as good speed is very good in excel, as long as a run block or pass block, or not so very good, but that's.

Okay, next little bit, Sharrif Floyd, which we just got in a defensive tackle last week, we're actually having my team broomball joseph compared to Sharrif Floyd. He's faster, stronger, better tackling tree flutters, better block Power, Move, finesse, move and yet basically very similar card just live while Joseph is little bit faster and stronger entry, for it has been erbe auction and Power Move, but not too much.

I think the Karn art for the Vikings foundations actually really cool like the purple, the purple around it, but we have Eric Reid, Hugh 94 overall free safety from the 49ers. You can expect speed and hit power on this card for sure 96 p tonight on excel 75 players, really bad ed, a tackle a team in 92 zone 83 pursuits.

Eighty ninety nine hits power fast, good speed, that's fast good hit power, good man decent zone, let's, see what the blood is jumping of a 99 Wow bloodshed is 83, which is also very good, so this guy could probably Stop the run very easily, then we have Jordan Reed, who is also another time in the people really wanted, but I think people wanted this car to be a set like the rewards same as the Allen Robinson.

But not if your speed 76 strengths 66 run black. A little bit on the lower side, not if I've catching 86 released, not accept already very good, then like a traffic in and out of respect catch. That is the problem that people have what Jordan Reed is that he lines up to tie.

Then put he's just too fast and too big to have a quarterback on them. So you got ta, put a safety on amor linebacker, but it's. Just a mismatch. Then we have the goat, Alan Robinson, who is not on the auction block right now.

Why? But let's, go, take a look at Derek Johnson and see if he is up in the auction block and then we will come back and see if Ellen Robertson is on here. The team is looking pretty dang well, I should have some Mariota gameplay out for you guys pretty soon.

If you guys smash that, like button get it to 20 likes, I would drop a mirror. You're the gameplay tomorrow, but we have Derek Johnson on the screen in 93. Speed, not an awareness, not another playwright 400 attack 102 pursuit on 101 pursuit, 920, 96 power and 89 box.

Should we just need that Alan Robinson to be down in price in this car will probably be bid? 200 250 k, probably max allan brompton, is just gonna be the car. That is a pain in the ass to get down in price but, like i said before, nine to spin out to bend on an excel, very good, naughty strength, very good, any catching better than Theon buchanan 85 jump.

You got ta expect that he's, not like a very versatile guy. Then he also has a 68 pounds 18 with next move. I never realized that damn weekend in a 93 finesse move but eating on block as well, in a 92 zone with 96 injury and a 99 stamina very, very good card.

But let's go see if there is any Allen. Romped ins, up on the block, real quick - hopefully one got put up - there - is no around since I'm gonna block right now. So I'm gonna do. Is I'm gonna go to my head? Calm and I'm, going to read you guys off these stats, because this Alan Robinson is freaking amazing, maybe even better than the derrick johnson in the set, but Alan Robinson to six foot three.

He's going for about 180km, the xbox one right now. He has 95 speed, not in Excel 98 catch 98 jump 96 stamina, 90 497 to Joey, then he has 97 rail run 19 hind catch in traffic, 99 release and 95 spec catch.

Also, with an 81 Kerry, 60 run block and a 58 impact block very, very good card. This card compared to foundation. Demaryius Thomas is actually better than Demaryius Thomas, which is kind of funny, because Mike Demaryius Thomas obviously is a set and Allen Robinson is not, and he's a high overall and he's way better.

But if you got enjoy the video make sure to hit that like button subscribe, comment 20likes, I'll hyper Mariota gameplay come out tomorrow, for you guys see you guys next time.