Yo, what's going guys? It is actually coming today with an interview. Today we have some campus legend, Marcus Mariota gameplay in this gameplay Mariota throws a perfect game, then is very many other throws a perfect game.

We also have some pretty interesting stuff that I've, never seen happen back to back to back, like this put in the first place, we're gonna hit into jackson over the middle. If you guys don & # 39, t have been to jackson already.

I think it's like 300. Something k definitely go ahead, pick him up as we throw a freaky doddle, go to Jarvis Landry under pressure, and we pick up quite a big chunk of yardage next play. We're gonna do a cookout route to the man himself and there's, Thomas, not vjax, but he's.

Gon na dive in there for the touchdown two passes, one touchdown wonderful back dive on his first playoff. Often does not go anywhere, get 2-1 yards Chuck's, it up over here, incomplete, pass, got ta break those up and we have a QB spot set up there.

He tries to scramble and just gets absolutely destroyed, hands up, punting it to us. So we see our ring back tight end over the middle Vernon Davis, throwing their thought maybe would be able to pick up touchdown and it play we not next play with a read-option with Mariota spinning picking up nothing on that don't worry.

We will definitely pick up some yards Vincent Jackson here on the little zig route, that's. Actually, gonna, like my favorite player run when you're in the red zone, is the littles a grout cuz they come in and if it is man to man, they definitely extraordinaire cornerback, no matter who it is, but if it is zone it's, definitely not gonna work, but that play is probably my favorite play in the red zone.

I think it's called wide trail. What you do is you put the left receiver that sounded like a fade kind of row. You put them on a zippered, oh and if it's man to go to him as we stuff that on fourth down, if it's only go probably your fullback or something we're gonna running here for Clinton portis in the first play and clinton portis is a freaking beast.

You guys don't have him already. He's like 40k, as you throw it again, and we get this passed to clinton portis, who stiff-arms his way into the endzone. What do you guys think about the new promo today? Also, if you have about 400 casing, around 350 monster old dell was only 350 cake because they knew old l.

It actually only cost about 700 k to make the new old Ella. So don't combine on the auction block. Just try to you know make it yourself: do the set open some packs, but I'm. The next play the second in 10.

He's gonna throw over here we're running man to man. He beat us there on a slant route or a drag route. Campbell was what it was, but he's, throwing over the middle here and we're running kind of like he's running a half back wheel concept.

So we're trying to remand, trying to mix it up with zonna. She almost get the interception there, but we dropped the pic next play over the middle. I'm there, but I get stuck on a defensive line and that is just a shame.

I hate when that happens, throws here's. The ring back, this guy is having an amazing drive right here, probably the best drive. He will have throw over the middle. I thought I was gonna get the interception, but we get the animation.

We just end up tackling him, he throws it up and he gets the touchdown. Unfortunately stop. You know something wild rain, because inflation tackle get with it. This one to the house, 89 overall brain cooked by the way I think he has about like that and then I'm.

The very next play over the middle tunnel from the gifts me or something take this one back to the house, which you guys need diversity. Oh geez, if you guys enjoyed this video, make sure to hit that like button subscribe and comment.

Sorry for the stuttering, but I'll - have some more manner to gameplay out for you soon, with also many on DeMarco Murray, see you later