HARRY POTTER?!- Top 5 WTF Moments, Fails, & Glitches! - Ep. #6 (Black Ops 3/BO3 Funny Moments)

How's? It going guys it's the llama sir here and welcome back to episode. Number 6 of the top 5 WTF moments fails and glitches. Now, if you guys are new to this series, basically, what it is is a community top 5 featuring the craziest and most random things that ever happen in black ops 3.

And as for this episode guys, we have a bunch of great clips with a ton of variety, a ton of random things happening, and I really really think you guys will enjoy this one. But anyways guys remember to leave a like if you enjoyed today's episode and other than that, let's, get into it.

Alright! So, starting off today's episode. We actually have a quick honorable mention coming from be man mm. Now he's, going to show us one of the sickest trick slides ever here on combine. So, as you can see, he goes to boost off of this ledge looks like he's falling to his death and then magically bounces back up and manages to keep going along the wall.

I mean I have no idea if you did that on purpose, but that looked absolutely sick and then he even manages to get a couple of kills on top of it, making it totally worth it so either way whether you did that on purpose or accident.

That was absolutely amazing. Now getting into the top 5 itself, we have light DNA and he is playing some uplink on Newtown when all of a sudden, he notices this random streak flying around him. That, ladies and gentlemen, was the uplink ball itself.

Somehow something decided to possess it and send it flying in a giant circle around the map. Now I don't know, but if you ask me that looks strikingly similar to this snitch from Harry Potter, so um, I think it's.

Pretty safe to say that we're gonna get some Wizarding DLC in the next update. I actually want to be surprised if that happened at this point, but anyways. That was an amazing clip. I have no idea how that happened, but good job on that number 5 spot coming in at the number 4 spot.

We have Tom's eh and he is playing on the map Skyjack running along the walls when all of a sudden he spots, this server is having an absolute seizure either that or it's having a sick rave by itself, but Either way, tommy is just staring and shooting at it, and somehow it still manages to kill him.

I mean it's, spinning around like crazy, and it still manages to lock onto him and shoot him down. That is absolutely crazy. Now, as with all these little killstreak glitches, I have no idea what causes this to happen.

But if I did, I would do this every single time, because that is the most awesome thing I've ever seen. A server is do getting into the top three. Now we have Zhi Qing, Fei Fei, bringing us back to the map new town and he is running out of the blue house with his Argus ready to destroy someone when he does absolutely that somehow he shoots a guy through the wall and look at his reaction.

He just sits there and off what just happened in front of him. Now I had no idea you could even shoot through that bus, let alone get a kill with one hip fire shot from an Argus. I mean that's, just insane, but props to you for even going for that in the first place, and even more props were actually hitting it now for the second place spot, we have pokey one one one and he is playing on the map Sky jacked again starting off the round on Search and Destroy, goes for the cross map kill with two of his tomahawks, and one of them connects by nailing a guy all the way in the other spot.

Now I know what you're thinking that's, just a normal cross map with nothing special well, my conclusion, jumping friends that is not the case, as we can see from this third-person view point he actually throws his tomahawk into this Side area of the building and somehow it magically just dropped through the ceiling right onto an enemy.

Now, what are the chances of that happening? I mean the guy was inside. He's supposed to be perfectly safe from tomahawks and somehow he manages to still get him. I mean that is just epic. However, it is not quite as epic as today's number one spot, alright, so taking home today's.

Trophy we have a clip from Blake, got a cake that's, just so absolutely random. It just had to be number one so, as we can see here, he's, playing on combine trying to pick off this guy in the little corridor that just keeps peeking his head out.

He's low on health when all of a sudden he just dies out of nowhere. Now that wasn't fall damage. It wasn't the explosion. It was literally the Packt from the grenade itself that rolled into his foot and killed him like what I mean.

The grenade was legit moving slower than a family of six at McDonald's and just gives him a little love tap. That sends him straight to the grave now that has probably got to be one of the worst ways to die in black ops 3, and that is exactly why it is today's number one spot, but anyways guys that's.

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Video. I'm, the llama sir, and I will see you guys next time.