Madden 17 | Commentary and Sound Design | Xbox One & PS4

Thank you very much. Larry EA Sports coverage of the Oh, and we went into this thing about a year and a half ago, with this really high level expectation that we want to do something that had never been done in the commentary space before.

If you love football, you love the contact. We just saw there. He wanted to go out and record a ton of content, but also establish a team that is unique to Matt. What we've tried to achieve in the sound of this game is to bring high fidelity audio to a sports game.

Well, it's, one thing to complete that pass on a nice sunny 70 degree day, but in these elements that's, a tough thing to do. We had found Brandon before we found Charles and what really attracted us to Brandon was.

He just sounds like sports, as we were, bringing in multiple people to interview for the analyst role, the second that we got Brandon and Charles together. It was it just clicked. We're gonna be down here every week, pretty much recording, based on what happened last week in the real-life NFL games or whoever came up with this idea, all right, the team that said you know something we need is.

We have to be able to update, as we go the ability to have your console connected to the internet and to receive those live updates. Again it's, all part of a huge process of which we are a small part of that makes this thing so special.

My name is Pete Burgess and I'm. The resident Foley artist for Pinewood Studios. So a lot of the highlights for me this week have been just a gameplay. Really, you know figuring out how to make a character within the game run across a field and sound as though he's moving at speed and it's twice my weight and when it's edited together, it still Has the flow that I would have put into a normal, organic thin film trial? Do it again start from toe and want a scene here in Denver it doesn't get any bigger than this.

It's, the Chiefs and the Broncos. The winner to the playoffs, the loser: they go packing and even more intensity, because these are long-standing rivals within a division. The live updates and making sure that we're, providing users with fresh content throughout the full NFL season, or something we've, never done before something we're, really really excited to be able to do.

If there's, an injury, if there's, a player who ran for 200 yards, if there's, a player who passed for 400 know the person who was a supplemental draft, pick that we may have never talked about Before all of a sudden, he's in the game and he's playing guess what now we can talk about that we want to make sure to not just have breath but also have depth.

If you have more pixels and bigger screens, etc, but what you don't always hear is the subtle nuances that are real-life. So what we've tried to do here is make a soundtrack that effectively gives you those moments that you hear in real life.

It would normally miss from in-game itself with Madden NFL 17. You're, going to immediately hear the difference in our commentary. The whole team is extremely excited to share that with our users we can't wait for you to hear more.

We can't, wait to continuously update report. More as the season goes on, ea sports, it's in the game, and now we're in the game to play it first on xbox one with EA access. You