Yo, what's going guys? It is actually Kelly today with the need to video. Today we have some mud, 25 team clay. I decided I was just looking through my game seen what game I want to play and I decided to go to the ee access the little like app, that's on the Xbox tour and it turns out the man.

25 was in there and I thought for a second. I didn't really play men 25, but i'm, pretty sure that they have teen claims minik. The sack here get the fumble and pick it up. Now. I believe madden 25 was the year that the 49ers won the Super Bowl.

It's, the Ravens, or was that i'm. Trying to think was that the year, the ravings? No, i think this is the youth. The seahawks beat the broncos LOL him to use to the seahawks, beat the Broncos or was the 49ers beat the revenue the Super Bowl, so he 49ers had a pretty solid.

Even so, we're gonna try to face catch over. There did not work. I was trying to I'm kind of used to manage 16 with the whole rest of catch and all that stuff. So this game - I wasn't, really sure how it all works out like how you can just throw a jump ball and see how that works out.

It turned out that they have a pretty good receiver like I was using the Eagles won game, as I can absolutely swerved by cam newton on that play. I just wrote to the strong jacks and i sha'n't. Jackson will just snag it every single time and also in this game.

Qb spies are useless. They are so easy to swerve. It is ridiculous. That is something that I do remember. I did plan this game a little bit. I didn't play mutts and I didn't really play a head-to-head.

I really just went to he's, my brother, but on this play throws you can complete pass. He's using the Panthers, designed using the 49ers, a lot of teams in team player. You go against it's kind of surprising there's actually like about maybe 20 the 25 people that I ran into like different people that have anything while trying to get 8 gameplay 15 play.

It seems like, if only their uses Eagles, the 49ers, the Panthers, the Packers are actually really glitchy. Now, when actually playing, I like to be a running back, because i like to use it the running back.

Just cuz, i like to get a little juki and do all the flashy spin moves and stuff. But you can & # 39. T really do that because, as you can see right here, i am actually the only person on my team for this team play and he has.

I think there is actually two people on that team. So when I throw the ball or somebody it's, just they get the ball and they have to make a move with it. As I'm gonna scramble with Colin Kaepernick and not pick up the first down going for on.

Fourth down wide open down the sign, i believe that is Michael Crabtree, picking up the touchdown on the fourth down and thinking about a punt return and then just another audible, doubt of it as we're gonna drop the interception.

One thing that I notice about this game is huge drop, a lots of pics and that sucks a lot especially seeing how many times I did drop a pic. Is there he's gonna throw to Ted Ginn. I believe the Panthers are an 89 overall.

So I don't, really know what the record was, but they're like a 89 of rolling skin for some reason, but he's. Gon na throw up over here and Ted Ginn is going to Moss me as you can see right there freakin five foot, ten receiver going with me in the jump ball as he throws it over to the corner route, but it is incomplete.

He's, gonna run it in here with the Angela Williams. Maybe that's yeah. I think it's, daniel williams. We run up the middle with Frank Gore, while he was still a 49ers prime number least, prime, but still very good.

You know player in madden 25. Make sure to. Let me know if you guys want to see some more madden 25 team play. If you guys want to see some men - 15 men, 15 right, young men, 15-month many, some madden 15 connected franchise.

Whatever you guys want to see something about doing a connected franchise on madden 16, as we throw the corner out, the Z spots still works and then 25, but everything about doing a medic 16 connected franchise with exec.

You all you in actually playing a secure and trying to rush for 2,000 yards in the season. Maybe Little Harbor with the Cowboys on one. It's, definitely possible seven possible for any running back to her for 2,000 yards behind the Cowboys, a line, as you can see by DeMarco Murray's year that he had in his last season with the Cowboys as we drop another Interception on that play gonna wrote the middle here.

We're gonna stuff that I believe that as Ian Williams, he runs a wide receiver screen. I thought we could be able to get out there, but he's, going to go into the end zone with Steve Smith seniors last year on the Panthers ain't gonna toss it out here in the two-point conversion to go Up by one point - and that point is a huge point in this game - was gonna scramble count Kaepernick on a long down, picking up the first down there Kaepernick.

This was, I think, his best year that he's ever had that belief he was like 90-something overall. I know I had like a 95 or 97 99. So I'm, like that in mud, we're gonna rain. Here with Frank, Gore gets a little glitchy with it almost picks up the first down on the mat play looking at the drag, throw it out.

Doesn't pick up. The first down actually does my bed, but next we're gonna hit Frank go again. He's. Gon na drop the ball in that play. Then we're gonna run up the middle. We're just trying to get in field goal range.

We're, not really trying to score. Here. I'm going to throw to the out route. Nothing really was open, so I had to take that and then we're, going to try to get the field goal to tie the game and it lagged, and he's going to return this out.

Also, we are only down by one point, but you guys can see by the gameplay, but it was perfectly fine. There was no lag at all and then all of a sudden when it come to kick the field goal it legs. I'm, not saying he lacks switched, but it's, definitely possible now coming up a third out that says huge.

I'm over the middle right over my head. Are you seriously a make sure to leave a like subscribe and comment? Let me know what you guys want to see in the next game play see you guys next time you