MUTSociety XB1 200k tournament! Round one!

Yo, what's going on guys? It is actually come today with an ETA video, and today we have a mud society xbox one tournament, as you guys can see, we did our draft. This is in draft champions play a friend.

My draft was absolutely amazing, as you guys just saw. I get 98 Hines Ward 98 or of Davis, 96 rg3 95 to baldwin road to the playoffs was, as the first play. We're gonna fumble, with total Davis. I've heard some things about that simple Terrell Davis that he does kind of fumble, but he also was a beast.

So he's kind of like Adrian Peterson, in real life. You know he's, the freaking beast, but he doesn't a fun one problem, except for later his career. He's lately been pretty good with fumbles hasn't really fun with too much.

But on this play we're gonna stop that this is round one determined. There was three rounds, the second place winner gets 75k and the first place winner gets a hundred and twenty-five k. Is we're gonna get the interception there? I did a pretty good job of using that, so we can throw.

It is in the first place we're gonna run a counter, give it back to Terrell Davis, because I do have confidence in them. Picking up a good chunk of yardage on that halfback counter next time running, a play-action buddy had to Cuba contain up.

So we're gonna throw that one away with rg3. We got to be able to utilize rg3 speed and also just be able to manipulate the defense with his screaming ability. But we're gonna throw it here and it take terrible pass, had him completely wide open and he throws it right into Laran glanders hand.

Sadly, but he has a marshall faulk, who is an absolute tank in this game as a run for Pedro shut, and we got ta watch out for that as he gets a bath thrown it's a little bit short. Sometimes that happens on that play.

I noticed that a lot if you run that play quite frequently you'll, see that the court of expert I'm - just throws it way too short. If there's, a middle linebacker right there, it usually gets intercepted, but next play here.

We're, going to stop him on the run play next, but we're gonna try to stop them again. We're using them on Harrison up the middle cuz. I knew that was going to be a run accidentally got stuck in the D line.

We're gonna send a blitz here around the edge the rules for this. The only rule that I have for this tournament is no nanos, so yeah you can send like six people whose only bought in five like what I did there.

I actually blitz. I came out in a just a regular 34, so you have your basic. You know three defensive lineman one outside linebacker and that Rob rushing the passer as Marshall Faulk. It's, a freaking glitch but again took a huge hit from campus hero, Eric read their butt, and then we have the one.

The lot linebacker out on his own, but blue zone, you blitz him, and then you bring a middle linebacker around the edge as he burns us there on the outside with Tony Gonzalez and a wide receiver number one and unfortunately we did not draft any corner backs.

So we got ta be careful with that, as we're gonna try that corner got ourselves and we get an incomplete pass drilled into the corner here and that's. Gon na get swatted next play, though I haven't, really use this playbook.

We're gonna pick up the first down a quick out route. Luckily they have bat in the playbook. We're gonna inside zone of the same formation. I'm, not really sure which playbook I have all. I think I have the bills.

I have the built up with an MP draw shot. We're gonna throw that up and we're gonna get beat touchdown on that play there dude next play, though we're gonna stop that first down and then he's. Gon na toss it out, but we're gonna get the stop there with Reggie White and then we're gonna go with the middle, but he's, get up cast and almost pick up the first down With Doug Martin running again, and we're gonna stop it on third down up comes forth down, fullback dive run commit and we stop that we're gonna run it here in Juke move him.

We're gonna pick up almost the first down. Why is open there, but we're gonna throw it in the middle to Doug Baldwin, who's gonna pick up a nice amount of yards and take it down to the 8-yard line. Next play havoc base: Terrell Davis, with the Juke move, picking up the touchdown, he likes to run a lot of four verticals and peered Rashad, and there he just beats us our man to man.

I guess we had a safety were just too slow. P, address right here is doing what we just did and we can't get there in time where the linebacker he's, gonna get the past, and he's gonna score on this and showboat as well.

Probably because I showboat it, but it's all right next play. We're, never to reaction with rg3, but he's. Doing a really good job of containing over your 32 scrambling abilities, but Terrell Davis up the middle.

The half is almost over. We're, just trying to get a couple runs before the half starts, but next half we get a guy coming on the edge he has to throw it and it's, a user interception. I was lurking that running back route next play, we're, going to run it, but he's, going to stop a run.

Looking and looking and Terrell Davis is open, break a tackle truck move touchdown don't. Leave us can catch pretty damn. Well, as he's, running page rush out again got ta, get the sack around the edge.

Like I said before, just blitzing more than he's, blocking he's. Gon na run it up the middle. I didn't, have any linebackers there. 14 days are gonna, be a good chunk of yards, but we're gonna stop it on the next play.

Fourth down coming up: watch the underneath routes, watch the QB and watch the rear up, but telling a Dallas is a freaking beast and, like I said before, we do not draft any cornerback, so he is gonna get that pass off and pick up the first Down next play level got someone coming around the edges strolling up here.

We deflected and we're gonna get the interception with Ishmael our safety, probably 74 overall boat. He's. Gon na bring some heat there. We're, just gonna have to throw it away or never throw it away on purpose but throat it's.

Gon na break a tackle stumble, unfortunately otherwise may have been able to get even more, but we're gonna rear out here and pick up a nice amount of yards there. Picking up the first down, Terrell Davis, juking inside thought me we could cut it back.

That was probably stupid, because there was a very, very far away to jump and I was not able to jump that far left and cut up that hole. But we're gonna break tackles here with Terrell Davis turn up seems to break a lot of tackles the super bowl dish in the course we're out here with Terrell Davis end to all the ankles are gone on that Play I broke like three guys ankles on.

I play friggin ridiculous, but next time we're gonna send somebody around the edge and get some more pressure. He likes to run a lot of PA draw shots, so you got to either come out in corners or you just got ta.

Try to you know, get some heat on him. Second, before that route can develop next play, though he's. Gon na throw it over here pick up a gain of 4 believe fourth and six coming up, we got a QB spot, we got someone coming and he's.

Gon na get the hits and that's. Gon na be incomplete. Pass. This game is almost over. We just need to run out the clock and make sure that he does not get the ball back with any amount of time on it. I'm, the clock I mean, but next, but we had somebody opened.

It was a tight number to try it in one-on-one coverage, but we get hit before we can throw it next play Tony Gonzalez on the corner out destroying us. If you were to run that all game probably killed us, I tried to user.

The corner back on their plates are expecting a corner out putting out your info verticals. So that was on me next play. We're gonna worry options, like I said before we're. Just going to clock in game is almost over only a couple.

You know minute and some change left, Terrell Davis breaking some tackles and picking up the first down. That is basically gonna be in this game, as I try to catch them off guard with the pastor. Protect me pass Terrell Davis juking.

It back thought we'd, be able to break that actually for a touchdown, but if you guys are actually interested in getting in one of these tournaments make sure to follow us on Twitter and much society.

Also, we have a ps4 tournament going on. We still need for people for that. So if you're on ps4 and you want to get in that comment on the post, see you guys next time,