*NEW* UNLIMITED Specialist Weapon Time Glitch! - Scythe, Purifier, Hive (BO3/Black Ops 3 Glitches)

Hey, how's? It going guys it's, the llama sir here and welcome back to another black ops, 3 glitch video and today guys I'm gonna, be showing you how to use your specialist weapon for an unlimited amount of time.

That's right guys. This glitch allows you to disable the timer for your specialist weapon so that you can just take your time with it and use all of your weapons ammo to its most effectiveness, but anyways guys.

I know you're super excited to see how this glitch is done. So let me show it to you alright, so the set of this glitch you're first, going to want to pick your specialist weapon now, every single one of them works with this glitch, but I prefer the site just because it has the most Ammo capacity and can be used at his super long range now, once you have your weapon equipped, just get into a game, earn your specialist weapon and then this is where the glitch begins.

Now, to do this glitch, you're, simply going to need to press a combination of buttons in a certain order. Now I'm, going to be naming the ps4 buttons for this tutorial. But if you're playing on Xbox, just press, the equivalent buttons and it'll work perfectly fine, but anyways.

Once you're in a safe spot, where you can do this glitch, the buttons are going to want to press in this particular order are l1 plus r1 to bring up your specialist weapon, then hold r2 and make sure you hold r2.

For the remainder of this glitch, but as soon as you see your weapon come up press triangle and then l1 + r1. Again now, if you & # 39, ve done this glitch correctly, you'll notice that your weapon timer will not go down.

No matter how long you have it out and you can even switch to your normal gun and back again and it won't get any lower. Now, of course, if you die, you will have to earn your specialist weapon again.

But the great thing about this glitch is that if you die with say half of your ammo left, that amount will stay in count towards earning your specialist weapon again, which is absolutely amazing and definitely better than losing.

Absolutely all of it. But anyways guys that's, going to be it for today's, video, if you enjoyed it or learn something new remember to leave a like down below. It only takes a second, and it helps me out a ton and don't forget to subscribe for more glitch videos, just like this one, also guys before you leave be sure, to check out the founder of this glitch straight up nuki.

He makes a lot of great content and this is definitely a good fine from him, but other than that. Guys again, I hope you enjoyed today's. Video I'm, the llama sir, and I will see you guys next time you